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  About Us 

Qualitas Material Testing Laboratories provides comprehensive range of industrial testing services for Oil and Gas, Food and Water, Waste Water, Advanced Products including Environmental Monitoring, Inspection and sampling services. Accredited by ISO 17025, we provide highest standards of quality and technical compliance. We work to maintain the quality regulations set by the federal governments to comply with guidelines of international standards.

Our strength lies in our state of the art laboratory equipped with the latest technologically advanced testing devices to meet the demands of the industry. Qualitas experienced technical team designs and implements testing and inspection programs tailored to our client’s individual investigative requirements.

Established in the year 2013, our commitment to providing premier services to our clients with assurance of reliable results at minimal standard turnaround time has made us one of the leading laboratory testing companies in the Middle East Region. 

Analytical Capability

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Why Qualitas Laboratories?

We provide independent and premier services to our clients with assurance of reliable results and minimal standard turnaround time. We push the edges of science to develop solutions to improve human health and safety with accurate and trust oriented reports.  Our analytical services provide to optimize the production process and get your product to market quickly and economically.

  • ·         Accredited by ENAS, EAIC and GAC
  • ·         Modern in-house fully equipped laboratory
  • ·         Reliable and accurate laboratory results with personalized service to clients
  • ·         Highly qualified and trained technical team to provide clients with 24×7 technical support
  • ·         Customized analytical service to aid clients R&D and production process and get their products faster to the market.
  • ·         Flexible pricing system cratering to all budgets 

Budget Friendly

As a part of social commitment, we try our best to provide our services to all our customers to understand the quality in product / material they handle.  We charge a lowest rates as possible from the current market rates.

Lowest Turn Around Time

Time is precious and we understand the importance of it. We value the market situation and more over we have eligible manpower and advance Laboratory Management system to certify with the smallest turnaround time in compliance to the product testing standards.


We regularly participate in round-robin performance evaluation studies. We consider ensuring the quality of our work to be a prerequisite in serving our client’s needs. Every minute of every day, our pre-tested, ready-to-run GC, GC/MS, LC and ICP/MS instruments, validated test methods and trained chemist will help you improve the sensitivity, accuracy, and speed of your analytical routine testing, and stay a step ahead of the challenges of this complex market.

Trade Associations

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC)
  • American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
  • International Electro Technical Commission (IEC)
  • Gulf Standard & Organization (GSO)
  • British Standards (BS)