Food testing

Qualitas testing Laboratory is a leading testing and analysis laboratory in UAE. Our services to implement comprehensive food safety and quality strategies, and achieve compliance with local, national and international regulations.

Our comprehensive range of food testing services includes microbiology, Physical and chemical nutritional using most modern testing instruments.  We use the latest methods and technology to improve quality and efficiency as an ISO 17025 accredited lab, you can be sure of fast turnaround times and accurate test results, demonstrating compliance with statutory requirements.


  • Food Nutritional Facts Labeling Testing
  • Food Allergens Testing
  • Food Baking Trials Testing
  • Food Chemistry Testing
  • Food Agricultural Residues Testing
  • Food Microbiological testing
  • Food Additives Testing
  • Food Vitamins Testing

Our Range of Product Analysis

pastrypackaged saladnuts
dairylettucecream cheese
poultrysour creamsalt substitutes
baked goodschipsdiet foods
bakery productscrackersspreads
breadtortillapeanut butter
drinking waterpitacaramel
bottled watersaucesmolasses
infant formulagravymints
beveragescheesegel snacks
pizzafrozen dessertsjuice boxes
fruit juicescoffeeorganic foods
vegetable juicesteanatural foods
eggs and egg productsberriesorganic fruits
frozen prepared mealschickenorganic vegetables
yeastunpasteurized milkfortified cereal
mineral waterpasteurized milkbaby food
yogurtbeefbaby cereal
salttofunutritional meal replacements
low-acid canned foodsdried apricotspeanut products
shrimpnutssweeteners and syrups
lobsterfrozen dinnersbuttermilk
canned vegetablesbutterdry whey
ricefrozen foodseasonings
carrotspastaindirect food additives
fishtomato saucefood substances
shellfishice creamfood dressings and flavorings
sushipickled foodcereals
potatoprepared foodsapple sauce
cake mixessalsacookies
processed fruit juiceschutneysandwiches
chocolateolive oilkosher foods
gummarmaladeorange juice
food extractsbaby teething biscuitsnoodles
spicescandy barsmarinade
food additivesnutritional barscanned fruits
cold cutssports barsproduce
food preservativessugar freemacaroni and noodle products
food coloringsports drinkswhipped toppings
food additivescaffeine freejellies
frozen vegetablescake decorationspineapple
smoked foodclamsmushrooms
smoked salmoncrabsraisins
mayonnaisetunadiet drinks
biscuitsvegetable dipsdiet shakes
canned fishbrothsoy milk
sodarice cakespie
diet sodasappetizerspreserves
vegetarian foodsoysterspet food
low salt foodshampet treats
low fat foodsporkcat food
gluten free foodssalad dressingdog food
canned meatsdried fruitcanned vegetables
jelly beansdehydrated foodalcoholic beverages
lollipopshard candychampagne
snack foodspicklesliquor
breakfast foodscocoarum
cottage cheesejamgin
roasted peanutschili saucewine
acidified foodshot saucelager
food containersketchupbeer
sesame seedsbarbeque saucejelly candy
cinnamoncarbohydrate freefood containers (earthenware
vanillalow carbohydrateceramics)
sun dried tomatoesonionsglasses
frozen dessertsscallionsnon-stick sprays
frozen dinnersspaghetti saucecooking utensils
frozen mealscutting boardscooking surfaces
pansknivesaluminum foil
potsbaking equipmentplastic wraps
woksfood packaging materials

    Welcome to Qualitas Qualitas Laboratories was set up in Abu Dhabi on 20th January 2013. The company’s mission is to provide independently accredited materials testing services to the very highest standards of quality, service and technical compliance. Fully qualified and experienced personnel are available to design and implement inspection and testing programs tailored to clients’ individual investigative requirements.


    Qualitas Material Testing Laboratories Store-7&8, Plot No-21,
    Block-C Mussafah-15, Abu Dhabi, UAE, P.O.Box: 9035.


    +971 2 555 2928