We Qualitas laboratories test the full range of hydrocarbons produced, processed, and refined by the oil and gas industry are tested with accepted industry standards of ASTM, ISO, API, and other international approved methods.

Natural GasSaturated HydrocarbonsRecycled Vegetable Oils
PetroleumKerogenGear Lubricants
Crude OilUnsaturated HydrocarbonsButane
GasolinesMineral OilIsobutene
FuelsEdible OilsLease Condensate
Heavy DistillatesSedimentary RockLiquefied Petroleum Gases
Liquefied GasOil ReservesLubricants
Transformer OilSource RockEthylene
Natural GasRefrigeration Compressor FluidsPropylene
PetrochemicalsJet FuelIsobutylene
Diesel FuelsAviation FuelOil Waste
AsphaltAir Compressor FluidsNaphtha
PotashPetrolPet Coke
Paraffin WaxCoalKerosene
Light DistillatesBiofuelsParaffinic Lubricants
PropaneSynthetic FluidsMidgrade Gasoline
Air Compressor FluidsSynthetic OilsPremium Gasoline
Aromatic HydrocarbonsCaustic SodaElectrical Insulating Fluids
ResidualsJet FuelPentanes
CarbonWaxUnfinished Oils
Clarified OilDistillate Fuel OilsPetrochemical Solvents
Slurry OilsReformulated GasolinePetrochemical Solvents
Low Sulfur DieselBiodieselAviation Fuels
Hybrid FuelsFuel OilBob (Blend Stock for Oxygenate Blending)
Alternative Fuel SourcesChiller Oils Residuals
BitumenMarine Gas OilsGreases
Fire Fighting foams Break FluidsRecycled Vegetable Oils

    Welcome to Qualitas Qualitas Laboratories was set up in Abu Dhabi on 20th January 2013. The company’s mission is to provide independently accredited materials testing services to the very highest standards of quality, service and technical compliance. Fully qualified and experienced personnel are available to design and implement inspection and testing programs tailored to clients’ individual investigative requirements.


    Qualitas Material Testing Laboratories Store-7&8, Plot No-21,
    Block-C Mussafah-15, Abu Dhabi, UAE, P.O.Box: 9035.


    +971 2 555 2928