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Qualitas serves the Petrochemical Industry with a multitude of testing services under a rigorous 17025 Quality Program. Our Fuels, Oil and Lubricants testing capabilities include comprehensive assortment analytical services designed to meet your hydrocarbon testing needs on products such as: diesel fuels, bitumen, hydraulic oil, gear & turbine oil, lubricants, and grease products to ASTM specifications.

Oil Testing is essential for high-quality oil and gas production during upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas processes. Testing for composition, purity, and contaminants are required for seamless production, trading, and distribution. Qualitas also provides Oil Condition Monitoring along with the diverse analysis of contaminants that ensures the performance of catalysts, prevents equipment corrosion, and assures high quality and purity of the oil and gas used in a variety of industries.

Your Trusted Partner for Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Testing in the UAE

Qualitas is a leading Petrochemical Testing Laboratory in UAE, dedicated to providing accurate and dependable testing services to the petrochemical industry. We understand its critical significance for the quality, safety and compliance assurance of petrochemical products.

Qualitas’ chemical testing laboratory in UAE is fitted with cutting-edge testing equipment and staffed by an expert team of scientists and technicians, offering a full suite of petrochemical testing services including analysis for parameters such as composition, purity, and viscosity flashpoint. By working with us for all of your testing needs in UAE you can have peace of mind that your products meet industry regulations while remaining compliant.

UAE Oil & Gas Testing Lab: Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Qualitas operates an Oil & Gas Testing Laboratory in UAE to serve the oil and gas industry’s varied needs. We understand the unique challenges associated with this sector and can offer tailored testing solutions that improve operational efficiencies while upholding product integrity.

Qualitas’ laboratory in Dubai is equipped with cutting-edge technology and managed by an experienced team of oil and gas experts, offering a full suite of testing services such as crude oil analysis, refined product testing, natural gas analysis and lubricant testing – offering invaluable insights into product quality and performance while optimizing production processes and meeting all applicable industry standards. By choosing Qualitas as your oil and gas testing partner in UAE you can gain invaluable insights into product quality, production processes optimization and compliance with industry standards.

Bitumen Testing Lab in UAE Provides Quality Assurance for Infrastructure Projects

Qualitas’ Bitumen Testing Lab in UAE provides comprehensive bitumen testing services, as well as quality assurance testing solutions for infrastructure projects using bituminous materials with decades of experience and precise, reliable testing solutions for bitumen products.

Qualitas’ team of skilled technicians utilizes advanced testing methods to assess the properties of bitumen, including penetration, softening point, ductility and viscosity. Partnering with Qualitas ensures your materials meet any necessary specifications or performance criteria for road construction, waterproofing or other bitumen applications.

Gas Testing Services in UAE: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Qualitas provides comprehensive Gas Testing Services in UAE, catering to various industries that rely heavily on safe gas quality and availability. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge equipment and methods for testing gases to analyze composition, purity and contamination issues across various types of gases.

At Gas Testing Services of North America (GTSA), we offer gas testing services for an assortment of gases such as natural gas, industrial gases and specialty gases. Our comprehensive solutions help ensure compliance with safety regulations while maintaining product quality standards while mitigating risks associated with their handling and usage.

Lube Oil Testing in UAE: Optimizing Equipment Performance

Qualitas offers Lube Oil Testing in UAE to assist businesses in optimizing the performance and lifespan of their equipment. Our comprehensive testing solutions evaluate both condition and quality of lubricating oils to enable preventive maintenance solutions and extend equipment lifespans.

Qualitas’ oil testing services in the UAE analyze various parameters, such as viscosity, oxidation stability, acidity, contamination levels and additive levels to provide actionable insights into the condition of lubricating oils. By working with us for oil analysis in Dubai you can enhance equipment reliability while decreasing downtime and lowering maintenance costs.

Testing Natural Gas in UAE to Ensure Quality and Safety

Qualitas offers comprehensive Natural Gas Testing in UAE, guaranteeing its quality, purity and safety in various applications. Our highly experienced team uses innovative testing methods to analyze natural gas’s composition, calorific value, impurities and other essential parameters.

At Global Gas Testing Services (GGTS), we offer natural gas testing for commercial and industrial applications involving pipelines, power generation facilities, heating systems and more. Our testing solutions help ensure compliance with regulatory standards while optimizing gas utilization for improved safety and efficiency in operations.

Grease Testing Lab in UAE for Assessing Lubricating Performance

Qualitas offers comprehensive Grease Testing Laboratory in UAE. We recognize the significance of lubricant performance in machinery and offer accurate and dependable testing solutions to assess both its quality and functionality.

Qualitas’ testing services cover a comprehensive set of parameters, from consistency and dropping point, oxidation stability and mechanical stability, all the way through to chemical composition testing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Working with Qualitas for grease testing can ensure that your lubricating greases meet all applicable specifications while simultaneously reducing wear on equipment and optimizing performance overall.

Rely on Qualitas for Reliable Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Testing Services

Qualitas stands out as a premier testing laboratory in the UAE when it comes to petrochemical and oil & gas testing services, offering unmatched precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive expertise demonstrates our place among other local providers in this field.

Qualitas Testing Services LLC can offer you peace of mind by meeting all your testing needs in the UAE. Also, if you are looking for raw material testing labs in Dubai or different types of inspection services, feel free to contact us to discuss how our experienced team of testing experts can ensure the quality, safety and compliance of petrochemical, oil & gas products sold here.

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