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At Qualitas, we are delighted to be an Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) accredited laboratory in the UAE. EIAC serves as a national accreditation body responsible for awarding recognition to testing and calibration laboratories that demonstrate competence and compliance with international standards.

As an EIAC Accredited Laboratory & ENAS Accredited Laboratory, Qualitas has undergone stringent assessments and audits to ensure our testing methodologies, equipment and personnel uphold the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Our accreditation underscores our dedication to providing reliable testing services across various industries – when you choose Qualitas you can rest easy knowing your testing needs will be taken care of professionally with regard to international best practices.

ENAS Accredited Laboratory: Demonstrating Technical Competence

Qualitas is proud to be recognized by Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS). ENAS serves as an official accreditation body in the UAE responsible for evaluating and accrediting conformity assessment bodies, including testing laboratories.

Qualitas’ Enas Accredtied Laboratory demonstrates our technical competence and compliance with international standards. Through rigorous evaluations of our lab facilities, testing procedures and personnel to meet ENAS’ stringent requirements set by ENAS. By choosing Qualitas you can trust that your testing needs will be taken care of by a laboratory with proven technical expertise, who is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable results.

Dubai Municipality Approved Laboratory: Fulfilling Local Regulatory Standards

Qualitas, a Dubai Municipality Accredited Laboratory, adheres to all specific requirements and regulations set forth by this local governing authority. They play a pivotal role in upholding health, safety and environmental standards throughout Dubai Emirate.

Qualitas has received accreditation from Dubai Municipality to confirm our adherence to their required standards and guidelines for testing services, from food testing to environmental consultancy or any laboratory services needed by our clients. With years of expertise and accreditation from local regulators, Qualitas offers reliable results which comply with local regulations for testing lab services in Dubai.

Trusted Laboratory by Energy Industry

Qualitas is honored to be an ADNOC approved laboratory in UAE. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s premier energy firms, recognizes our ability to meet its stringent quality and safety requirements for oil and gas industry business operations.

Qualitas is proud to have earned ADNOC’s approval as an ADNOC Laboratory, having demonstrated our technical capabilities, quality management systems and compliance with industry-specific standards. We offer oil and gas analysis, fuel testing and environmental monitoring – so when choosing Qualitas you can count on our expertise and experience to meet the unique demands of energy industry businesses.

An Approved Laboratory by ESMA/MOIAT in UAE to Assure Product Compliance

Qualitas is an approved ESMA / MOIAT Approved Laboratory in UAE. Both agencies play critical roles in overseeing product quality and safety within the UAE market, including regulation.

Qualitas is proud of our approval from both ESMA and MOIAT as it illustrates our dedication to product compliance with applicable standards and regulations. With our wide range of testing services available to businesses, they can ensure their products meet quality, safety, and performance requirements for market launch confidently. With Qualitas as their partner in testing, they can navigate the complex regulatory environment confidently bringing products to market.

Choose Qualitas Lab: You’re Reliable Accredited Laboratory in UAE

Qualitas is your go-to provider when it comes to testing and accreditation in the UAE, boasting EIAC and ENAS accreditation as well as approval by Dubai Municipality, ADNOC, ESMA, and MOIAT. These credentials demonstrate our dedication to quality, compliance, technical excellence and technical innovation.

Partnership with Qualitas today and gain the peace of mind that comes from working with an EIAC Accredited Laboratory & ENAS Accredited Laboratory, Reach out to us about your testing needs and let us provide reliable, accurate, and accredited testing services tailored to meet them.