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Refinery Welcome to QUALITAS With over 10 years of experience in the
field of laboratory testing in the Middle East,
Qualitas goes beyond testing, inspection and certifying.
We are a Total Quality Assurance provider
catering to our client’s customized requirements.

Food Testing Welcome to QUALITAS With over 10 years of experience in the field of laboratory testing in the
Middle East, Qualitas goes beyond testing, inspection and certifying. We are
a Total Quality Assurance provider catering to our client’s customized requirements.

Welcome to Qualitas Testing Laboratory: Your Trusted Testing Partner in UAE

We at Qualitas understands the significance of Raw Material Testing Labs in Dubai to maintaining product integrity and quality, offering our state-of-the-art laboratory in Dubai to businesses across various industries. With a commitment to excellence and accuracy, we ensure your raw materials meet stringent quality standards before being integrated into production processes.

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals use advanced analytical techniques to assess the quality and composition of your raw materials. This includes chemical analysis, physical testing and microbiological examination to detect any contaminants or impurities present. By conducting thorough raw material testing we help prevent costly production issues while meeting regulatory compliance and safeguarding brand reputation.

Heavy Metal Testing Laboratory in UAE: Safeguarding Consumers and the Environment

Heavy metals pose a significant threat to human health and the environment, yet Qualitas operates an expert Heavy Metal Testing Laboratory in UAE equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation and methodologies for detecting and quantifying heavy metal contaminants across various matrices. Our experts utilize rigorous testing protocols to deliver accurate results while providing actionable insights for mitigating risks associated with heavy metal exposure.

From food and beverage testing to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more – our heavy metal testing services cover a wide variety of industries and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic testing are included in our testing panel. By working with Qualitas on heavy metal testing services you demonstrate your dedication to consumer safety and environmental stewardship.

Chemical Testing Laboratory in UAE: Ensuring Compliance and Product Integrity

Chemical analysis is vital to businesses reliant upon accurate composition and quality control of their products. Quality is top Chemical Testing Laboratory in UAE offering an array of analytical services that help businesses ensure compliance with regulations while upholding product integrity standards.

Qualitas’ advanced laboratory is home to cutting-edge instrumentation and is managed by an expert team of scientists and technicians. We perform various chemical tests such as identification of components, purity testing, and contamination analysis and stability evaluation – giving you confidence that your product complies with industry standards while remaining safe, quality and compliant. By working with us for chemical testing services, you gain peace of mind about its safety, quality and compliance.

Hazardous Waste Testing Laboratory in UAE: Accurate Testing is Key for Safe Disposal

Handling and disposing of hazardous waste safely is of utmost importance for both humans and the environment. At Qualitas, our Hazardous Waste Testing Laboratory in UAE a dedicated hazardous waste testing lab providing comprehensive testing services designed to ensure proper management and disposal of these materials.

Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques to assess hazardous waste samples for multiple parameters, including toxicity, flammability, corrosively and reactivity. With our reliable testing and accurate characterization of hazardous waste samples, you can make informed decisions regarding treatment, recycling and disposal options while remaining compliant with local and international regulations.

Clean Room Validation (CRV): Assuring Sterility and Compliance

Clean room environments play a vital role in industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and electronics manufacturing, where sterility and product quality are of the utmost importance. Qualitas offers Clean Room Validation (CRV) services to help your clean room facilities maintain effectiveness and compliance.

Qualitas’ experienced team follows internationally accepted standards and protocols to assess critical parameters such as air quality, particle count, temperature, humidity and pressure differentials in clean room validation projects. Partnering with Qualitas for this service gives you peace of mind that the environment in your controlled environments meets standards set forth by international organizations – safeguarding both product integrity and protecting brand equity for maximum profit potential.

Swab Testing Laboratory in UAE: Detection of Surface Contamination

Contamination on surfaces poses an immediate threat to product quality and consumer safety. Qualitas operates an advanced swab testing laboratory in UAE that offers reliable surface testing services designed to identify and quantify both microbial and chemical contamination risks.
Qualitas offers swab testing solutions designed to collect samples from surfaces, followed by laboratory analysis. Using industry-standard techniques, we detect bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms while also detecting chemical residues that may pose risks. By working with Qualitas for this testing service, you can ensure your surfaces are safe from contamination while meeting hygiene standards – ultimately safeguarding customer health and well-being.

Sludge Testing Laboratory in UAE: Assessing Waste Characteristics

Sludge is a byproduct of industrial processes and wastewater treatment systems. To ensure its safe handling, treatment, and disposable, At Qualitas, we have an accredited Sludge Testing Laboratory in UAE providing comprehensive testing services that assess the characteristics and composition of samples of sludge.
Qualitas’ experienced scientists use sophisticated testing methodologies to analyze parameters such as moisture content, heavy metal concentrations, organic matter content and toxicity of your sludge samples for you, giving you valuable insight into its properties, which will assist with waste management decisions, resource recovery initiatives and regulatory compliance obligations. Partner with Qualitas today if you are looking for sludge testing or waste water testing laboratories in UAE and gain invaluable knowledge of its properties!

Qualitas UAE Offers Accurate and Reliable Testing Solutions

Qualitas stands out among testing laboratories in the UAE as a trusted partner for businesses across diverse industries, with expertise in raw material testing, heavy metal analysis, chemical analysis, hazardous waste characterization, clean room validation, swab testing and sludge analysis. We take great pride in offering accurate results with superior reliability at competitive pricing – something our commitment to accuracy, reliability and customer service makes possible.

Partner with Qualitas today and experience the confidence that comes from reliable testing services provided by an expert team equipped with cutting-edge technology. Get in touch now to discuss your testing needs – let us help ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance are upheld in every project we manage!

Oil & Gas

Qualitas provide a unique analytical approach to oil and gas testing which includes the analysis of

Water & Waste
Water Testing

Qualitas Offers a full spectrum of testing facilities for water and waste water including (but not limited to)


We test wide range of food and food products including swab tests and of the below parameters


Qualitas is equipped with the latest technology for environmental monitoring and clean room validation.

NDT Inspection
& Testing

We are qualified and have proven industrial expertise in Advance and Conventional NDT service, Third party Lift inspection & Rope access services.

Advance Product Testing & Product Sampling

Qualitas provides advance product testing & product sampling services for the following and much more.


About Our Company


With over 10 years of experience in the field of laboratory testing in the Middle East, Qualitas goes beyond testing, inspection and certifying. We are a Total Quality Assurance provider catering to our client’s customized requirements.

Qualitas Material Testing Laboratories provides comprehensive range of industrial testing services for Oil and Gas, Food and Water, Waste Water, Advanced Products including Environmental Monitoring, Inspection and sampling services. Accredited by ISO 17025, we provide highest standards of quality and technical compliance. We work to maintain the quality regulations set by the federal governments to comply with guidelines of international standards.

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