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It might be difficult to choose an oil and gas analysis laboratory in UAE. If you don’t know where to start. Many crucial criteria, including turnaround time, price, quality, and capabilities. These should be taken into account if you decide to start an oil analysis program at your facility or find a reliable lab other than the one provided by your oil supplier. The three qualities listed below will be crucial for developing a strong relationship with your oil analysis lab.

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Quality of Testing – oil and gas analysis laboratory in UAE

Due to errors in testing techniques. An oil & gas testing laboratory in UAE could find it difficult to live up to the expectations of its clients. To ensure the highest accuracy in analytical interpretation, a quality lab like Qualitas attempts to adhere to ASTM or ISO test methods. As with other testing devices. Make important to inquire as to whether there will be any variations from the standardized test methods. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions either. Data Interpretation A report on an oil analysis is not only a piece of paper with raw data results. Given the complexity of these tests, it could be challenging to identify even a straightforward problem, much less one that is subtle or uncommon. The finest oil analysis reports provide a comprehensive analysis interpretation summary in its entirety. This should be custom-made by an expert rather than computer-generated. Additionally, the report needs graphics that provide trend data. A comparison to the baseline, important and cautionary limits, and trend data. The report should also have an easy-to-understand layout.

Customer Service

An oil analysis laboratory should provide more services than just those about the oil samples. To cooperate on potential reasons for data abnormalities and to gain expert advice on what to do next. The person in charge of receiving reports at the plant should stay in close contact with individuals who analyze data at the lab. Whenever you need it, the laboratory should offer a hotline with excellent customer care. Please take note that costs are not mentioned in this list. Since you can anticipate that laboratory services will continue to be competitively priced. Regarding cost, it’s vital to keep in mind that even a single machine failure prevented by oil analysis can make the program’s annual or longer cost justifiable. For upstream, middle, and downstream oil and gas operations to produce high-quality oil and gas, oil testing is necessary. For efficient manufacturing, trade, and distribution, testing for composition, purity, and contaminants is necessary. Leading petrochemical testing laboratory in UAE, Qualitas offers hydrocarbon testing to ASTM standards for goods including diesel fuel, bitumen, hydraulic oil, gear & turbine oil, lubricants, and grease products. Along with the various analyses of pollutants, we also offer oil condition monitoring, which guarantees the high quality and purity of the oil and gas used in various sectors while also ensuring the functioning of catalysts and preventing equipment corrosion