One of the most crucial things you can do for your pool is to test the water. You can know exactly how much product to put in your pool by getting an accurate assessment of the water’s chemistry. This maintains your pool healthy all year long and helps you save money by avoiding the potential of over-treating your water. We advise bringing your water to a swimming pool water testing laboratory in UAE, such as Qualitas lab, for precise and expert reading. Test kits, test strips, and electronic testing gear are just a few of the alternatives that may be used at home.


Test kits, test strips, and electronic testing gear are just a few of the alternatives that may be used at home. While it is easy to test your water at home, there are a few situations when expert testing is required to assure accurate test results.

swimming pool water testing laboratory in UAE

  • Sample of water

When the system has been running for about an hour, the optimal sample need to collect from 12″ to 18″ beneath the water’s surface. Filling the test kit from around elbow-deep in the pool’s water is a reasonable general rule of thumb.


  • Chemical problems

Excessive chloride concentrations can distort other measurements like ph and total alkalinity. Use a chlorine neutralizer as directed on your kit if there are significant amounts of chlorine present.

With test strips, there is no chlorine neutralizer. This means that if you frequently have excessive chlorine levels, a test kit employing reagents would be a better choice.


  • Test in the morning

The optimum time to get a water sample is early in the morning if your pool is experiencing problems with chlorine. The chlorine will burn off over the day even with the right doses of stabilizer. Testing early in the day will allow your water to circulate all night and shield it from the sun’s UV rays.


  • Test strips

While utilizing test strips, there might be a wait of 10–20 seconds before the colors change. Compare the test strip as soon as you can after the allotted amount of time has gone. Remember that if you wait too long, the colors can continue to change and give you a wrong reading. This also holds while employing reagents.


  • Test kit

If you’re using a test kit, pour the chemicals into the water gradually. In the water, responses can take a while to happen. This also holds while employing reagents.


  • Storage

Keep all test supplies in a cold, dark place.


  • Date of expiration

Every year, verify the correctness of your study materials. These items may expire, just like most things. When it occurs, readings can be off.


  • Circulation

Before introducing any chemicals, must do water testing . In keeping with that, it may take a day or longer, depending on the chemical, for its full effects to be visible in a water test. As a result, it is wise to wait at least 24 hours before testing your water again after adding chemicals.


  •  in-store tests

Even if you regularly test your water at home, we advise taking a sample to your neighborhood water testing facility for an accurate water test to make sure all of your water’s constituents are within acceptable parameters.

Together with informative testing for quality control, Qualitas analyzes in accordance with USEPA and standard procedures to fulfill regulatory bodies’ compliance requirements. Providing high-quality testing, sampling, and reporting services for water treatment, environmental consulting, hospitality, and the medical industry is something we are proud of and have done successfully in the past.

Please call or visit the Qualitas lab in your location if you have any more questions concerning water testing or legionella testing in UAE. In addition to providing the aforementioned services, we are renowned as the top pesticide testing laboratory in UAE.